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Slide the flagpole into the ground sleeve, making sure that no dirt enters the ground sleeve.

Attach the flag to the rotating collars and raise the pole section.

Your AEP telescoping flagpole can be removed when severe weather is pending.


To raise the flagpole; first raise the smallest section to its full extent allowing it to self index; slightly rotate counter clockwise; then lower to engage locking tabs. It is not necessary to exert force to lock each section in place. Repeat with remaining sections.

To lower the pole; reverse the procedure in Step 1. Each section of the pole should be lowered slowly, not allowing sections to drop freely.

Your AEP flagpole can be lowered or removed for storage in the event of extreme weather conditions, i.e. before a tornado or hurricane.


The AEP series of flagpoles is virtually maintenance free. In order to clean the pole simply wipe the pole down with soap and water and then rinse clean.


Materials and Tools Required For Installation Not Supplied:

  • 3 - 40lb Bags of Cement(Standard or Quick Drying)
  • Tape Measure or Yardstick
  • Level
  • 20lbs of Pea Rock or Gravel
  • Container for Mixing Cement
  • 1 Roll Masking Tape
  • 1- Assistant

Ground Sleeve Installation Steps:

Read the instructions completely before starting and verify you have the materials and tools listed above.

Select a good location for placing your flagpole, check and make sure there are no power lines above or below ground.

Dig a hole 12" in diameter and 26" deep in firm or heavy soil. A larger hole maybe necessary in loose or sandy soil.

Place the pea rock or gravel in the bottom of the hole and level to a depth of approximately 4". The pea rock or gravel will help with drainage.

Install the 1/4" stop bolt in the ground sleeve then install the nut. Tighten nut so that the bolt is not clamping down to tight on the ground sleeve. Check by slipping the ground sleeve onto the flagpole and make sure the sleeve moves freely up and down and can make contact with the bolt.

Place ground sleeve in the center of the hole and lay the level on the ground across the hole next to the ground sleeve. You should have 2" of the ground sleeve above ground level. If not remove ground sleeve and add or remove pea rock or gravel as needed to obtain the 2" measurement above the ground level.

Install flagpole into the ground sleeve. Using the masking tape, tape the first 2" of the ground sleeve and 10" of the bottom of the flagpole. This will keep the concrete from making contact with the exposed ground sleeve and the flagpole in the next step.

Pour concrete into mixing container and the mix as directed.

Have your assistant hold the flagpole in the center of the hole and use the level to check the flagpole's alignment. Now pour the concrete into the hole until it is level with the ground and the tape on the ground sleeve. Check two locations on the pole 90 degrees apart with the level to insure the pole is straight up and down. Allow concrete to set before removing pole from the ground sleeve.

Let concrete harden according to the manufacture's requirements. We recommend placing a warning flag or some object by the ground sleeve. This will protect the ground sleeve from being disturbed as well as eliminate the chances of personal injury while the cement hardens. Remove masking tape.

There is a ground sleeve cap that should be used whenever the flagpole is removed from the ground sleeve. This keeps foreign objects from entering the ground sleeve.

Improper installation will void your warranty!

For technical assistance contact American Engineered Products.

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